All weather outdoor furniture

Our Mirage all weather furniture range is manufactured locally, right here in South Africa, and is made using REHAU polymer weave which is imported from Germany and assembled locally on 100% aluminium frames.

Our range includes tables, chairs, sofas, ottomans, loungers, bar units and modular designs. All of our furniture is also highly customizable, and can be tailor made with specific dimensions, according to customer needs.

All weather outdoor polymer weave solutions

1. Water resistant and UV treated to sustain direct sun heat.

2. It does not fade, warp or split.

3. It is easy to clean and maintain. (Just wipe or hose down)

4. The aluminium frames are light and durable.

5. 100% Aluminium is rust resistant.

Undoubtably the best polymer solution for the best quality and comfort attainable. We import our REHAU weave exclusively from Germany and assemble it on aluminum frames. Our furniture is designed to last and perform for the lifetime of the product.

Available in various finishes